"The American Fence Association could not be more pleased with our partnership. Your insights into our culture and expert facilitation helped to transform a dysfunctional two-board system into a dynamic single-board team with a focus and a true strategic plan. You did it with great respect, everyone felt that their voices were heard. Our board appreciated that everyone was engaged in the change process. BlochReed helped ease the stress of one of our greatest leadership challenges, thank you."

Susan E. Colson, CPAPresident, American Fence Association

"I would like to thank you for your guidance in SMRP's journey. We continue to master the processes of identifying our priorities and developing strategies focused on our member’s most important needs. SMRP's Board is stronger than ever and has developed an enhanced selection process along with new onboarding protocols. We appreciate your help!"

Larry Hoing, CMRP, CMRTPast Chairman, Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals

“With the implementation of a new university-wide strategic plan, the Transformative Learning Goals that the Student Life Divison has historically used to guide our programs and culture must be restructured as well. The engaging kickoff meeting that you facilitated has energized our discussions about the future. With your continued involvement, we will implement the new SJU strategic plan and fully realize our Mission: to provide challenging opportunities for students so that they may become servant leaders who discern goals, focus on social justice, appreciate diversity and lead lives of faith and purpose.”

Note: Bloch & Reed did not develop the SJU strategic plan, we are working with the Student Life Division on implementation.

Kiersten N. White, Ed.D.Assistant Vice President for Student Life, Saint Joseph's University

“Whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks didn’t understand the expertise and professionalism you brought to our Board of Directors meeting/event.  You were able to help a Board very much used to doing things a certain way, see a better and more efficient way of thinking strategically and acting in an efficient and decisive manner.     You treated everyone with respect and with a sense of camaraderie making everyone more comfortable with the process and with thinking in a new way.  Thank you for all of your help.”

Lawrence S. Caniglia JD, CAEExecutive Director, Northeast Spa & Pool Association