“BlochReed Association Advisors was selected by The American Board for Transplant Certification (ABTC) in 2020 to conduct a new management company search. BlochReed had the experience, a proven process, and the industry experts to conduct the search for ABTC.

BlochReed explained the entire search process, taking the time needed to understand our organization’s detailed needs and culture. They thoroughly listened to our ideas and feelings; to quote Steven Covey, BlochReed effectively applied ‘Seek to understand then to be understood’ to the entire ABTC process.

ABTC was stagnant and needed an AMC that could take us to the next level. We wanted to partner with a management company that could provide staffing bandwidth, a progressive and innovative approach, and offer value for money.

Using their great industry relationships, BlochReed presented us with only the best AMC candidates to participate. We trusted that they understood our culture to find the right match and they helped us to be realistic, accountable to the process, and timeline, so we got what we wanted.

BlochReed did not feel like consultants; their personal touch made them part of the team. We can highly recommend BlochReed Association Advisors to assist other organizations in conducting an AMC search.”

Sheila Alston, RN, BSN, MBAImmediate Past President, American Board for Transplant Certification

"The guidance from BlochReed Association Advisors has been incredible, right-on target, and greatly appreciated. With your thorough assessment process, evaluation, and advice BlochReed has given us the tools to transform our organizations from great to Absolutely Exceptional!"

Angeles Alvarez Secord, MD, MHScPresident, Society of Gynecologic Oncology

“The American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (AAHAM) partnered with BlochReed Association Advisors to evaluate the need for a new management company. AAHAM had created a Task Force to conduct a search, but quickly recognized that was outside our area of expertise.

BlochReed helped us by revamping the Task Force to include the right mix of volunteers and providing us with a comprehensive assessment process. This allowed us to determine our organization’s critical needs and then translate that data into an RFP.

BlochReed used its vast network of vetted association management companies to match us with ten “good fit” potential partners to receive our RFP. We narrowed that to three top finalists and selected the front-runner using BlochReed’s evaluation matrix.

Facilitated by BlochReed, our Task Force conducted a site visit to the selected AMC, which validated that the AMC chosen was the best one to take our organization to the next level. BlochReed also provided support to navigate some key decisions between the current AMC and the newly selected AMC.

We highly recommend BlochReed Association Advisors to assist other boards of directors in conducting an AMC search.”

Lori Sickelbaugh, CRCENational President, American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management

"Hiring a new management company for NAPO felt very overwhelming for the leadership. BlochReed Association Advisors used their knowledge and experience to guide us through the process. They researched NAPO to understand our needs and filtered the possibilities to help us make the best decision for our association. We are happily on the other side of the process with a new management company and thankful for the wonderful match."

Amy Tokos, CPO®2023 President, National Association of Professional Organizers

"BlochReed Association Advisors led a comprehensive and tailored process to review our business development practices. The assembled advisory team of four was professional, extremely knowledgeable, and validating. They were sensitive to our overall needs, asked excellent questions, carefully listened to the responses and gave MHQ the individual attention we wanted. Additionally, the report outlining the findings was not only comprehensive, but actionable, honest, and empowering to help us achieve our goals. We would highly recommend BlochReed Association Advisors to other AMC's!"

Dara J. RudickCEO, Management HQ, LLC